About Us

Greencademy is about connecting children back with nature. With fun, enjoyment, love and knowledge. 


With our products you can learn how to grow veggies, fruits and herbs in your home: on the balcony or even next to your window. 


We are parents.

We live in big cities and have no garden.

We don't want our kids to think that tomatoes grow in supermarkets. That is how GREENCADEMY was born. 


Let's work together

You love nature? You love kids? And you are smart? We are thrilled to meet you!

Please send us an email to:


Support each other

We support our local kindergarten with building and taking care of their own kids garden with edible plants. 


We share our ideas, our goals,... We love to meet other entrepreneurs... We enjoyed great time at Google Campus for Entrepreneurs, Techstars Startup-Weekend, Startup Teens and many others.


We would like to talk to you and learn about your interests, please contact us. 



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